We are contemplatives and missionaries of the Trinitarian love of God revealed in Christ.

The Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus are a Religious Congregation of Pontifical right that was born into the Church on the 8th of September, 1998, originally proceeding from another Religious Congregation, “ Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart”


The Constitutions as well as the Directory impel us to have an intimate union with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. All our life should be centered on the Eucharist to offer reparation for a sinful world which wounds God, rejecting His Love.

We pray for the Holy Father, bishops and priests so that their hearts will be a reflection of the priestly Heart of Christ.

Madre María Marta

Our Foundress, Mother María de Jesús Velarde, is the instrument chosen by God to lead our Congregation along the path of sanctity that the Church ratified on the 25th of December, with the approval of our Constitutions.

The current General Superior of our Institute is Rev. Mother María Marta Simón. She was elected during our Fourth General Chapter in November 2017.

Our mission statement: "Amado sea en todas partes el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús"(May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere) reflects our desire to bring the love of Christ to the entire world.

“The Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus, Contemplatives and Missionaries of the Trinitarian love of Christ, want to be faithful to the Foundational Charism, to the unity and the New Evangelization.”

El Señor que nos llamó nos invitó a seguirle con un corazón indiviso

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Our Consecration

Vow of Chastity
“We separate ourselves from the habitual interaction with our natural family, though we continue loving them in a purer and more spiritual way and we renounce forming a new family to live CHASTITY CONSECRATED to God and to His Holy Church.

Vow of Poverty
We leave behind the concern for personal, material goods and the right to make decisions regarding their use at our own free will to live in EVANGELICAL POVERTY.

Vow of Obedience
We renounce making decisions according to our own will regarding our own future, in general terms, to live CONSECRATED OBEDIENCE” Cfr. Directory 190


  • "As all the baptized, we are called to holiness. By God’s Will, we are chosen to consecrate ourselves to Him by professing the evangelical counsels which are a divine gift given by the Lord to the Church and safeguarded by her throughout history." (Directory, 12)
  • "We know full well that it is the Lord who takes the initiative to call us to religious life with a special love of predilection." (Directory, 11)
  • "Through the religious profession, we embrace the evangelical counsels by making public vows and committing to live them personally and as a community, according to our Constitutions" (Constitucions, 24)
  • "Our Lady, as the Mother of Jesus and as our Mother and Teacher, is the cornerstone of our special relationship with the Sacred Heart of her beloved Son."
  • "As a sign of our consecration, we always wear the religious habit."(Directory, 16)


  • "All the Sisters of the Congregation feel immersed in the missionary spirit of the Church which is universal and invites us to be unconditionally open to be missionaries in any part of the world as long as we can safeguard the fidelity to our Charism, Constitutions and Directory." (Directory,77)
  • "Out of love, we want to abandon ourselves for the sake of the Kingdom to come and to live with a missionary zeal in response to the pleas and needs of humankind: pastoral care of the faithful, evangelization, and the New Evangelization within the Church. As a genuine expression of our Charism, we want to maintain our permanent apostolic ministries. We strive to be reparators and adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in union with Our Lady, seeking to identify ourselves with His sentiments. We are propelled by the urgent inspiration of our mission statement: "Ametur ubique terrarium Cor Jesu Sacratissimum."".(Constitucions, Introduction to Chater V)


  • "We believe that the desire for God is written in our hearts because we have been created by God and for God. Only in God we find true happiness. Thus, encountering Him and uniting ourselves to Him through prayer is the highest, noblest, and purest action we can perform as human beings and as Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus." (Directory,38)
  • "The spirituality of our congregation is concretely expressed in specific prayers. There are three intense times of prayer: vocal, mental, and contemplative which are alternated in a harmonious and cohesive manner throughout the day" (Directory,42)


  • "The Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of the life of the Church. As such, is the central part of our day and the most important of all our activities. In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Jesus on the cross offers to the Father the one and only sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. He associates all of the Church members, among whom we are consecrated to it. Through this sacrifice, He pours out the graces of salvation upon His Mystical Body, which is the Church. This is our belief as Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus." (Directory,40)
  • "We also know that Jesus has remained with us in the Eucharist with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. In this Eucharistic sacrament, He is bound and confined to circumstances foreing to the divine perfections in heaven such as time and space, just as during His life on earth. As a consequence of this submission to earthly conditions, He also allows Himself to experience and to be sensitive to the way He is treated: whether with love, indifference, rejection, or even human carelessness and abandonment. This is the unfathomable mystery of a God who is human and divine and endures suffering with meekness, kindness, patience, mercy, and love." (Directory,43)


  • "As Daugthers of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus, we must always keep present that the Love of Christ has brought us together to live the spirituality of communion. From this “common-union”, important consequences are derived for our way of thinking, feeling, and acting, that enable us to see what is positive in each one of our Sisters.
  • Personal holiness and the entrusted mission pass through community life because Christ is made present to us in and through the Community. Our Sister become a sacrament of Christ, an encounter with God, and an irreplaceable necessity be able to live in mutual love and communion with the mystery of the Trinity that dwells in us and whose light we must know how to recognize in the faces of our Sisters." (Directory,60)

Our CHarism

Is a total consecration to God in union with Mary so that, in correspondence to the love of the Heart of Jesus, we can honor Him with adoration, love and reparation, especially in the Eucharist, participate in His mission of redeeming love and manifest in our own life the sentiments of His Sacred Heart.

Our Spirituality

Is prayer and contemplation centered on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially in the Eucharist. From the loving strength received in this contemplative prayer, with Mary as our Mother and Teacher, we manifest the Trinitarian love of God revealed in Christ in the relationships within our community and in our apostolic ministries.

Our Mission

Is to consecrate ourselves Christ and to His mission. As Jesus was sent by His Father with the power of the Holy Spirit to announce the Good News to all mankind, we are sent by the Church to make known the strong and merciful love of God.