100 young women are being formed in the 7 Novitiates of Spain and the Americas. You can be one of them.



We give priority to a formation that is integral, harmonic and coherent, based on Christian Humanism.

Madre Velarde Schools


The Aspirant House is a house of formation with the goal of offering adolescents and young women similar opportunities to those that seminarians enjoy at their Seminaries: study, formation and an environment conducive to cultivating a definite Christian vocation to holiness and a possible call of the Lord to Religious Life.

Aspirant House


In Peru and Guatemala we have some houses destined to take in abandoned girls or those of little economic resources. The desire of our Mother Foundress is that they may be able to develop all their intellectual, spiritual and human qualities to be able to live with dignity in society.


The Diocesan House of Spirituality of Our Lady of Candelaria welcomes numerous groups for spiritual exercises, convivences, retreats, gatherings and celebrations that are organized throughout the year.


A community of 7 Sisters takes care of the House of Spirituality of Our Lady of the Angels.

It has 33 rooms and a dining room that can accommodate 60 people. The house has two floors and a bell-tower living room, long walking trails and is surrounded by a large field with fruit trees, almond trees, olive trees, etc., that make the grounds very beautiful.


The house is located next to the cave of the "Santina" with the mission of providing lodging to groups of people who desire to participate in retreats or that come to this place on pilgrimage.

The house is made up of 30 rooms, the majority of them single with the possibility of turning into double, as well as some double and triple rooms. It has its own chapel and various spaces for gatherings.



Huancavelica- Our work in the Major Seminary Our Lady of the Evangelization in Huancavelica is the administration of the house (kitchen, laundry, sewing and cleaning of the rooms). With these services, we contribute to the formation of future priests in the Diocese.

At the school-Seminary Saint John M. Vianney, we contribute to the formation of the students, with the offering of the household work.


The administration of the major Seminary, Saint Joseph, in Cañete, Peru, is mainly the care of the kitchen and laundry.

In the minor Seminary, Our Lady of the Valley, there is a total of 87 boys in formation. We help the women that work there with the various household tasks.


Our work in the major Seminary Our Lady of the Way in Sololá- Guatemala is the administration of the house (kitchen, laundry, sewing and cleaning the rooms). With these services, we contribute to the formation of the future priests of the Diocese.

At the minor Seminary Saint Joseph, after tending the dining rooms, we do the dish-washing and once a week we direct a more detailed cleaning with the students.


We take care of the Major Seminary The Immaculate in Valencia. With our presence in the seminaries, we foster a family spirit and live more intensely the dimension of our oblation through the offering of our lives for the sanctification of priests.


We carry out an intense pastoral ministry among the students of the diocesan school and we are dedicated to the care of the Liturgy in the Chapels of the Seminary.



Our College Residence Our Lady of the Lake offers you welcoming living spaces: individual rooms with full baths, a Chapel, a Library-Study Room and a living room. Full lodging (weekends included) and personalized spiritual attention.


Our new College Residence Holy Mary, Seat of Wisdom is located in Santa Ana, very close to the Catholic University.

Santa Ana